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Collection: Resin Pieces

PLEASE READ about resin pieces!

> Resin pieces are all 100% HANDMADE!
> Every piece will be different and may have slight imperfections!
> Anything that has enough defects will be marked "B Grade" at my discretion and discounted.
> Resin pieces are like little pieces of ART! They are more delicate than regular, mass produced products please be a bit more gentle with them than normal keychains.
> I am NOT responsible for any that break after you have received them. If it's within one (1) month of your purchase, I will offer a DISCOUNT to purchase a new piece, but there will be no refunds!

Thank you so much for purchasing my resin work. They take a LOT of time and effort to make and are all unique. They are little pieces of art and little pieces of me so I appreciate it SO MUCH! I know you will love them!

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